Learn How to Capitalize on the Emerging Trends Shaping Our Future

These are complicated times for businesses.  Customers are becoming more self-directed, and more digital in their way of doing things. Their expectations are greater, but they are less willing to pay premium prices.  And, companies are increasingly expected to address important societal problems.

No business is immune to changing market conditions.  The technological pace is racing ahead, affecting how we interact with one another, how we work, and where we work, and even why we work.  Technology will influence where we live, how we relate, govern, trade/commerce, how long we live, our laws, our global community, and our environment.

The market is going to be quite different in 5 years than it is today.  Do you have sufficient foresight to adapt your business to the growing threats, and to capitalize on emerging trends?  

Foresight into these issues is where great opportunity lies.  We can address these issues with innovation, increased capabilities, and new business models, using technology to get closer to customers.  And while technology plays a critical role in product innovation, often it’s in conjunction with business model change, new revenue models, and new delivery methods.   It is critical to make the right kinds of innovations, and develop the right kind of capabilities, and this only happens if you have foresight.

I offer a 7-step method to foresee promising growth paths through changing market terrains for a business.  Profiting from Foresight guides your team to expand the map of opportunities for the company, and to vigorously pursue only projects and ventures that offer high reward.  Not only will you gain significant advantage over your competitors, you will create new opportunities no one else has even considered.  Profiting from Foresight advises how:

• the world’s most innovative thinkers discover emerging patterns and form novel, insightful connections;
• to generate and promote venturesome ideas in your organization;
• to rapidly screen ideas for maximum selectivity and the best odds for success; and,
• to adapt to new market behaviors and power structures

Now is a perfect time to use the 7-step method to make stage setting moves. We are in the early days of new enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual/augmented reality.  They are emerging, can take many potential directions, and have great potential to transform service offerings.  New revenue models; new delivery methods; changing demographics, preferences and behaviors; and, new currencies will shape the next five years, too.

What moves will significantly increase your ability to adapt and thrive?   If you don’t yet know the answers to this question, Profiting from Foresight will guide you to them. To learn more about the method and how it can help your business reach the next level, please call or email me.